Mauka Digital Celebrates Three Years in Arizona

The Only Digital Marketing Agency to Successfully Expand from Honolulu, HI to the Mainland

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Honolulu, HI – Mauka Digital is excited to announce that they are celebrating their third year since opening their office in Arizona. They pride themselves on being the only Hawaiian-born marketing agency that has expanded to the mainland and now are able to provide high-quality digital services and technology solutions to customers worldwide.

Having an additional office in Arizona has allowed Mauka Digital to better support their global customers in other time zones, while also staying true to their roots and supporting the local businesses in Hawaii. The expansion has also allowed the Honolulu office to put more focus on serving local customers and helping local commerce flourish. Preserving Hawaii’s culture and translating its unique qualities of Hawaiian brands into the digital space remains one of Mauka Digital’s biggest priorities when supporting Hawaii’s customers.

Their digital services include everything from brand development, search engine optimization, website development, and content marketing, as well as an entire suite of technology services, such as application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and marketing automation.

Mauka Digital works with businesses across several industries including retail, software, non-profit, liquor and wine, hospitality and more. One recent customer success story was a testament to “keeping it local”.

A recent success story: A Kauai grown, but globally-known, gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt company was looking for a new website with cutting-edge features and a revamped ecommerce back-end. Mauka Digital went above and beyond and built them an extremely modern website that still imparts their iconic brand. They delivered not only a modern new look, but also an enormous back-end full of marketing automations, custom shipping options, and additional tracking and reporting, without losing the completely user-friendly portal.

“To see this type of expansion during a tough economic time has been remarkable, and it’s really allowed us to keep serving our customers during a time when going digital is crucial to a business. We love working with customers who are passionate about what they do and want to take their marketing to the next level using the best digital marketing tools and strategies available.”

– Jamie Sheppard, Mauka Digital’s CEO

With more and more businesses going online, there’s no better time to revamp your digital strategy than now. If you’re interested in working with Mauka Digital, contact us to set up a free consultation.

About Mauka Digital: Mauka Digital is a full-service digital marketing and technology agency with its flagship office in Honolulu, HI and their newest in Phoenix, AZ. They offer a full suite of services to help their clients create new digital opportunities and optimize existing digital assets. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, Mauka Digital team is a goal-focused agency that always puts customers first.

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