Organic Traffic Vs. Paid Traffic:
Which One is Better?

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What’s the difference between organic traffic vs. paid traffic on your website?

When we hear the word “organic” in digital marketing, we aren’t talking about farms or vegetables, even though we love a good salad. We are talking about the amount of traffic that is driven to your website through search engines. Paid traffic on the other hand comes from a potential customer finding you through an ad and clicking through onto your website. Think Google Ads.

Google Ads

In the image above, the paid ad appears at the top of the page. The top three spots are what you want to aim for in order to get the most clicks. Below the ads, it will display the organic search results next.

So, which is better?

Both sources of traffic are valid ways to drive traffic to your website. Building organic traffic can take several months and even years, and while the results aren’t achieved overnight, they can have long-lasting results for your business. The customers who find you through organic searches are typically looking for the information or a solution that you can provide. Paid search, on the other hand, is just as valid, but you will be paying per click. Therefore, it takes a much more in depth strategy to deploy this method successfully.

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