What's Application development?

Our team covers all stages of the application lifecycle. From the development of new cloud and custom application development, legacy modernization, projects management, and maintenance.

This application development can apply to many platforms like desktop, web, mobile, smartwatch, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Mauka Digital’s app-building process follows the same development process: checking requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementing, and integrating.

Application Modernization Problem Sets compounded over time

Application Modernization Problem
  • Lack of automation or advanced DevOps practices
  • Bad architectural decisions based on what was cool at the time
  • Technical debt reaching unacceptable levels
  • Legacy or unsupported technologies or platforms
  • Limited cloud or mobile support
  • Monolithic application architectural patterns do not take advantage of advanced distributed systems principles like microservices

Pain manifests as:

  • High support costs, with talent being pulled off to firefight
  • Lost revenue and limited user adoption of applications
  • Poor stability, performance, and limited scalability

Application Modernization Approach

Appliucation Modernization Approach
  • Business process analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis, including DevOps, maintenance, and support methodologies
  • Architectural analysis: monolithic vs. microservices
  • Database infrastructure analysis
  • UI/UX analysis
  • Talent gap analysis
  • Enterprise Solution Architecture of desired end state
  • Architecture and Technology selection and program planning
  • Implementation
  • Keys to Success: Re-use do not re-write, build for scale, automation, DevOps excellence

Application Services

We believe that every business is unique and has its own needs. Mauka Digital is dedicated to creating a custom solution for your company.

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