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What is Organic Search?

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Organic search or organic SEO means that a customer found you from typing search terms into Google vs. using a paid ad.

While gaining organic traffic takes more time than running paid ads, the results are invaluable. It means that you’ll hold one of the top spots and gain credibility with search engines and customers alike.

So, how do you get these top spots? The answer is simple. It’s through creating quality content with the proper keywords that your customer is searching for. This is the best and most authentic way to increase your organic search.

Let’s go back to the hiking example in our previous blog post. If an outdoors store wants to rank higher for hiking gear, they would want to conduct keyword research and see what customers are searching for. This is usually a two part process:

  1. Develop a Customer Persona: Define who your ideal customers are through a series of questions about their background, age, profession, shopping habits, etc.
  2. Perform Keyword Research: Use a series of tools to find out what your customers are searching for.

In this case, the customer wanting new hiking gear might type the following key phrases into google.

Best hiking gear

Beginner Backpackers

Hiking gear for beginners

Once you know which keywords your customers are searching for, then it becomes easier to create a content strategy around those search terms. This allows you to start increasing organic SEO and improving the reach of your website.

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