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Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

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Why is Social Media Important for your Business?

Social media is an essential element that should be part of your business strategy, no matter how big or small your brand is. Using social media platforms allow you to connect and engage with customers & competitors, increase brand awareness, and can turn top of the funnel clients to loyal consumers. Building your online presence can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Let’s start off with the basics and explore the platforms that would work best for your business.

6 Platforms to Explore


Instagram is a visual-based platform that is excellent for growing your audience, keeping them in the loop, and promoting your business. Sharing natural, authentic, and user generated content is encouraged to connect with your audience, increase brand awareness as well as engagement.

User Persona

  • DO focus on increasing engagement, not followers
  • DON’T post low-quality photos


Facebook is known to be the most used social media platform worldwide. Best for brand awareness and advertising, Facebook allows you to target a specific audience based on characteristics such as age, interests, etc. There is also the added benefit of connecting your e-commerce site for customers to shop on the platform directly.

User Persona

  • DO be genuine when it comes to responding to users
  • DON’T delete comments or posts


Twitter is great public relations and customer service. It allows you to provide updates in real-time. You can easily share news, links, and all kinds of bite-sized content. Tip: Include 1-2 relevant hashtags into your tweet to expand online reach out of your network.

User Persona

  • DO pin the most relevant tweet onto your profile
  • DON’T overuse hashtags


LinkedIn is good for building B2B relationships, employment marketing, and developing your business. You can use it to share valuable content with your audience so they can get to know your business better.

User Persona

  • DO connect with the right people and audience (quality over quantity)
  • DON’T spam your connections with messages
  • YouTube:

    YouTube is a huge platform great for entertainment, increasing brand awareness, and creating short/long form video content. Monetization (AdSense & AdWords) is one of YouTube’s useful features that help target and reach a larger audience. Be sure to experiment with the type of content you share to get a better understanding of your audience.

    User Persona

    • DO create fresh and consistent content
    • DON’T ignore feedback from viewers


    Pinterest is an awesome platform for reaching top-of-the-funnel customers. Due to the platform being image-based, sharing eye-catching photos paired with keywords and links allow you to extend your reach. Therefore, giving your business more opportunities to drive traffic and sales.

    User Persona

    • DO use keywords in your pin descriptions
    • DON’T solely pin your own content

    Final Thought

    Do your research!! It can be impossible to dedicate time to cater to all social media platforms when you’re busy running your business. Narrowing them down to a few platforms that best suits your business’ needs will give you the opportunity to focus your efforts and get the best out of your time invested in it.

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